Importance of IoT

For the last 25 years, a ghost is flying over our world, it’s the ghost of “Internet”. From 80’s, internet became one of the most used tools for international communications, such as knowledge sharing. So, a lot of people started using internet to share knowledge, to do research or even to have fun. We can use internet in many different ways and this is why internet is important. You know, humans can’t live without air and water, but actually, electricity and internet are as important as them!

In 1982, a truck connected to the internet, it was the first attempt to connect non-digital things to the internet. Years after that, someone asked people of the world to call “connecting non-digital things to the internet”, Internet of Things or IoT for short. Actually a computer or a mobile phone is designed to be connected to internet, so we can’t call that IoT. But a wheelchair, a cigarette lighter, a coffee maker or even an oven are not designed to be connected to internet, so if we connect them to the internet, it’s IoT!

Concepts and Applications

The concept of IoT is to make everything around us online. You can control your coffee maker from work, and when you arrive home, you can have a cup of warm coffee. But, This is not the only concepts. It comes to make our lives safe, it comes to make our things accessible from everywhere. And about applications? As I told, the online-coffee maker is one of the best examples of IoT applications.

The main application of IoT is controlling everything remotely. Before IoT, remote controls used infrared to control lamps, outlets, TV’s, etc. But today, thanks to IoT, we can do that from longer distances, using the internet. For example, your home is in Iran, and you are in a vacation in Armenia, but you can control everything from Armenia! Everything you need is a reliable internet connection.

The importance

Now, let’s talk about the importance. Why IoT is important? is it anything except connecting devices like ovens and coffee makers to the internet? of course it is! It is actually the future of the hardware engineering and even the online world. Hardware engineers like me should learn IoT, because in near future, every single home accessory will become online, every streets of cities will be online, all farms will be online!

So, we need to learn IoT, but how? learning IoT is easy. You only need to know how to program microcontrollers, how to setup a development board (at all, hardware engineering), how to connect your board to the network and how to implement remote controls and connections. For example, you can use a NodeMCU board and a bunch of LED’s to make a bedside lamp, it’s even easier than writing a simple computer program for daily accounting.

Communication with other fields of computer science

IoT can’t be a complete knowledge/technology alone. All IoT experts have to know about one of fields of computer science. For example, a person who designed a system for traffic control, needs to store data from traffic lights or cameras, and then he/she needs to do data mining on that. Because this thing can be helpful in predictions about traffic. Or, if you design that simple bedside lamp, you have to write at least a good single-page interface for it. These are not basic things, and you can’t do all of them alone. To be honest, an IoT team is made up of some professionals/experts. What they do is cooperating about these issues.

Good Luck 🙂