Revolutionizing Interior Design With Artificial Intelligence

Considering you have an interior design/interior architecture project (or even company) and you want to go a bit (or a lot) further in your industry, right? What will you think of, first? If you ask me, I personally may tell you that your answer is augmented reality and since I’m a co-founder of an AR company (link) it makes the most sense.

But let’s be a little bit more thirsty for pioneering the Interior design industry. We all know these days, AI Art is becoming somehow the new wave of art and you’re probably trying to get access to Dall-E 2 or Midjourney beta programs. They’re cool, but they are not enough. Let’s talk about the model I’ve been working on.

interior design with ai

The idea

The idea of developing an AI which can paint, isn’t a new idea for me. I’m a big art enthusiast and I play guitars and compose music. But I never spent time to learn how to paint like painters I like (e.g. Salvador Dali). So in the last winter, I decided to put all my computer knowledge to develop models (or to be more accurate, software) that can paint for me.

First, I went after VQGAN and developed on top of that. It was cool and artistic but to my taste, it was to “machine-y”. You may think it’s the point, but for me, it wasn’t.

Later, I found more and better models and developed much better software. Today, I got very surprised about the results. I was working on something, but I also created prompts first, just for fun then I got the image I posted above! I just asked for an abstract painting as the wallpaper of a living room, and it created this realistic looking living room for me!

More interesting designs

Well, first I wanted to work on a modern minimal living room so I prompted it, and these two images are my results:

It’s great, isn’t it? It was completely what I’ve been looking for. I never could get better results for interior design.

Now, let’s talk about this! why this matters? why it will revolutionize the industry? why you need it alongside AR/VR solutions? So let’s discuss!

The importance of AI generated Interior Design

Fine, this part isn’t as interesting as the other parts of this blog post. Probably because I’m going to talk about things which are not an average midjourney tester’s concerns.

That is okay, you still can go to midjourney’s channel and look for how will it look like for Shrek being the next US president or something like that. Here we’ll discuss about importance of AI in interior design.

  •  Aesthetic: This is very important. At least in my opinion. It has two minds involved. The customer’s and the architect’s (or designer?). For example, I myself am a big fan of Salvador Dali (I’m not joking, I really love Dali) and I look for an interior designer who has a taste in surrealism. But there’s no guarantee that we can agree on a design any time soon. So AI can help us find our desired design much faster and easier.
  • Reducing the cost: Sometimes you may pay different designers/architects to get your desired designs. It can get costy, specially if you want to get help from famous architects. So I guess you prefer to have an overview of your desired design and give it to the architect.
  • Diversity in choice: These days we have diversity in pretty much everything we want. So why not our interior designs? You can get as many designs as you need then choose one from them. It’s a win-win game!
  • Getting unimaginable designs: Okay, now it’s time for midjourney fans to come back. Have you ever seen AI generated art? Most of them are other-worldly good! And they obviously can be used in different aspects of interior design.

More designs

Above designs are from the prompt interior of a modern office, with pop art as wallpaper pattern, blue color scheme for the furniture and as you can see it almost covered all I asked!

I know, there are some minor problems with pop art in these pictures, but we should remember a machine designed this. It means with a little bit of more training, it can get much much better at generating images which can be inspiring for interior designers.


Before going any further, I should say this is my acutely personal opinion and I probably will make money by promoting my AI, so if you have any other opinions, it’s %100 welcome in the comment section.

In conclusion, I have to say it’s 2022. We have the greatest AI engines which can generate text, images and even music and currently most of them are becoming toys for curious teenagers and this is not totally good.

We can use these potentials in different segments of different industries and make our world a much better place. The world won’t become like The Matrix franchise (and ofc, I love that franchise) specially when we learn how to use machines to improve our works.

So final conclusion is that we obviously need an intelligent solution for interior design. Since it can reduce our costs, makes our procedures faster and diverse our choices.

At the end, I’m going to invite you read my Persian blog as well (if you speak or understand that language) because I write more frequently there.